Moore Scootlund

This was taken at later in the afternoon on the same day as my last uploaded image, but I thought I’d throw it up anyway because I liked the grey feel of it. It’s a bit of a generic composition, but some of the cloudscapes around here make a good enough photo themselves!

6 thoughts on “Moore Scootlund

    • Gyanendra? You want Gyanendra? You think Gyanendra or even bringing back some form of Monarchy will undo what has been done? It’s really no laughing matter, I know, but Hahaha noelhteenss.You must be joking.

  1. Hi Stakky

    I am sharing this wonderful photograph in today’s post at I hope you will come and visit and enjoy the post. Your photo certainly enhances it. I have linked back etc and said lots of nice things about you!! Welcome to the UK. Enjoy.


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