And we’re on to England


As you can see, I’m doing a bit of a bulk upload at the moment, putting rough images up as I run them through lightroom each night of my hike. This is one of my favourites from today, shot in a plantation forest whilst climbing down a muddy path. The fog is actually real! Too much green? what do you think?

10 thoughts on “And we’re on to England

  1. This is a truly remarkable photograph and I would have loved to have caught something like this for myself even! Where abouts is it?

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  2. Awesome photo. I’ve been going through some of your photos and must say you’ve been to some remarkable places, and of course you’ve been making some remarkable photos. I love the amount of green in this photo, it makes a great depth in this foggy dark woods. I myself like enhancing the color in my photos. Some may think it’s too much but I love it. I’m looking forward seeing more of your work. feel free to visit my first stumbling steps as a photographer.

  3. Not too much green for my liking. In fact it’s a great looking shot, somewhat moody. I love how the green contrasts with the *real* (ha!) fog. I think I would love to see this shot as a great b/w with lots of contrast & shadow. Nice work ^-^

  4. Hey Staky, great images from the Lakes district. Are you thinking of going back. Im going next year, what time of year did you go and any recommendations, hike trails etc, did you have a guide or self. Join me if you wish, you can be the guide !!
    Btw never too green mat looks awesome. Was this forrest shot on the 35mm?
    Cheers Adrian

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