Nornalup Inlet

_MG_8187scaledHey guys, it’s certainly been a while since I’ve posted anything. Geology majors are all-cosuming. In my last study break I spent some time down at Nornalup on a houseboat. Although I was mostly occupied with fishing and didn’t do a whole lot of shooting, I managed to rattle of a few exposures to keep me occupied until end of sem. Very keen to get back down there and shoot some more, it’s an unreal place, especially around Nornalup forest at night.


More elephants


I’m keen to know what you guys think of this one, it’s the definition of the sort of wide angle modern vibrant landscape I have been aiming for recently, possibly as part of a series. Same place as the last few shots, no ND filters, 17-35mm 2.8 L.




This is what the masses like! Beach sunset, lens flare, bursting with orange and blue. Haha, alright it’s a little generic but isn’t all photography these days? Taken with a 17-35mm L 2.8 canon and the 5D. On a side note, I’ve recently given up on ND grad filters, and now favour blended exposures. This change is most likely inspired by Marc Adamus. Google him 😀

Materialising photons

stick2 light

Here’s a new one from Denmark, just finished my late night edit session and wanted to post the results before I regretted them in the morning! Okay, so maybe a certain shaft of light isn’t exactly natural but all the cool kids are doing it I promise. Maybe this can just be a b-side? 😀 Let me know what you think: remove it or keep it?

Elephants rock

Elephant rocks

Yeah! Finally a new image, bloody hell it’s taken me forever to get out to test some new techniques. This was shot at Elephant rocks in Denmark, as 3 separate bracketed exposures and blended using the PS HDR pro module. I’m kind of liking this stye right now! And hey, if you wanna help a photographer out, like the image on my FB page as well as this blog! cheers guys

facebook page

Hey everybody, I’ve finally gotten my stuff together and made a facebook page,, which I update far more regularly than the blog. This accompanies my new site, which was released recently. Please have a gander at them, and like the facebook page if you want to see where my photography is heading!

Stak man

IFTTT test


Just a test post to see if IFTTT social networking is operating properly before I launch my new site. This SHOULD automatically post to my Facebook page, google plus and flikr. If you have a few different social networks that you’re posting images to, check out It’s awesome!!

Lost in spinefex


It isn’t hard to find a photogenic tree in Karijini!

The Valley of Stak

Valley-with-rock-2nd-edit3No doubt one of my favourite from the trip, shot somewhere deep in the lake district mountains with nothing but thousands of sheep for company. The place feels insanely wild, especially when you leave the track and hike through the grass with a tripod. I don’t know what the name of this valley is (if it even has a name, that is. There’s a good chance it’s never been discovered by anything other than sheep yet) so behold my placeholder name: “Stak Valley”. I’m sure it’ll catch on.

Brief reincarnation

mountain lake flattened

Hey folks,

It’s been a while since my last post and that’s because I’ve been travelling around stocking up on new images from England, Scotland and all over Oz! This one’s from the lake district in England, high atop some grassy mountain on the coast to coast track. Unfortunately the image doesn’t do the scale of the place justice, as that peak was just under 1800m high! 6 image stitch at 35mm, and more to come this week, hopefully.