Loch Lomond, Scootlund

Hey Folks,

A quick lightroom edit. I’m about to undertake a hike across the English countryside, and have stopped over in Scotland beforehand to get a bit more fluent with my photography again! I’m still undecided about this image… though I’m enjoying the dramatic cloudy look you can’t avoid in the UK. I’ll attack it with photoshop when I get home!

5 thoughts on “Loch Lomond, Scootlund

  1. This’ll be interesting………..we’ve just returned from a week in Scotland and Loch Lomond is also on my list of pics to put up. And guess what – they’re unmistakably moody…..in a Welsh way ^-^

  2. Hi Stakky

    I’m not sure if you have returned from your trip of the UK. If so I hope you enjoyed it and am sure you took some amazing photographs. These are wonderful. Just another request to see if it would be ok with you if I share another of your photographs at soulsnet. I would of course link back and credit you and tell you when I will post. Since I started blogging I have surprisingly become iinterested in photography myself and aim to improve, but I will always be grateful to be able to share some really great images.

    I hope that would be ok with you.
    Can you let me know.

    Corinne at soulsnet.com

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