Lost in spinefex


It isn’t hard to find a photogenic tree in Karijini!

9 thoughts on “Lost in spinefex

  1. Beautiful! Just what I needed to see on this very rainy and windy New Year’s Eve in Shetland. Thanks so much and all the best for 2013!

  2. Hey,

    I just viewed your blog for the first time and I’m pretty impressed with your images. I really like the valley in the Lake District. My wife and I travelled there in August 2011 and loved it….though she never let me stop long enough to get any really good images! What a beautiful place though hey. Look fwd to more posts.

  3. Kris, ‘pretty impressed’ is fine for me! thanks for the view. The lake district was amazing but as you say, it’s a little difficult to photograph when you need to be constantly moving onwards to keep on track with the hike. It would be great to spend a week or two in a village and photograph surrounding mountains every night.

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