Lakes and mountains

This was taken about midday today hiking through the lake district. I used an ND400 filter to achievethat cloud blur and make the scene a whole lot more epic! Do you think it succeeds as a monochrome image? And yes, I’ve brightened it up a little since the original post. Proof-editing!

More of that greeny stuff


The first of yesterdays images! I almost missed it completely as it was hidden in a small alcove a fair way off the track. There’s a little more work to be done, such as removing those blowouts in the stream, but I still kind of like it despite the lack of simplicity. Might be a good idea do a big print of this one!

And as usual, I’ve uploaded a slightly tweaked version since the original post.

And we’re on to England


As you can see, I’m doing a bit of a bulk upload at the moment, putting rough images up as I run them through lightroom each night of my hike. This is one of my favourites from today, shot in a plantation forest whilst climbing down a muddy path. The fog is actually real! Too much green? what do you think?

Moore Scootlund

This was taken at later in the afternoon on the same day as my last uploaded image, but I thought I’d throw it up anyway because I liked the grey feel of it. It’s a bit of a generic composition, but some of the cloudscapes around here make a good enough photo themselves!

Loch Lomond, Scootlund

Hey Folks,

A quick lightroom edit. I’m about to undertake a hike across the English countryside, and have stopped over in Scotland beforehand to get a bit more fluent with my photography again! I’m still undecided about this image… though I’m enjoying the dramatic cloudy look you can’t avoid in the UK. I’ll attack it with photoshop when I get home!

Regan’s pool

More of that typical Karijini colour and lighting. Sometimes I just want to take a heavy grain filter and AIPP the hell out of scenes like this ­čśÇ I’ve actually uploaded a new edit and a black and white version which I prefer. This has been a difficult image to work with!

Anything goes

Hey folks,

Bit of an experimental image, trying out some Dale Neill style processing. It’s either incredibly boring or quite brilliant, can’t work it out!

Red Gorge


Who’s been here? It’s the deepest point of the deepest gorge in the whole of the Pilbara, and isn’t the easiest place to access. ┬áLuckily, the park has two guys who are off their rockers with adventure, and will happily take you down.They even provided pelican cases for the cameras! Which they later revealed weren’t to strap to my back nice and safely, but instead to throw off the cliff and retrieve from the bottom of a pool. That’s how to you do things as Karijini… directly and without questioning! I’m not 100% certain about the composition, so try looking at it from a different perspective, like upside down or something.


It’s Broome!! I’ll post a proper update in the near future.

Himalayan accommodation

Perfect image to give a quick work in lightroom. This was taken along the hike through Lang Tang valley in the Himalayas. Those enormous packs were carried by our porters, and weighed roughly 30 kg each, about the weight of my camera gear. Ok, maybe not, but you get the idea! That valley has got to have been one of the best places i’ve ever shot. Insanely photogenic.