Brief reincarnation

mountain lake flattened

Hey folks,

It’s been a while since my last post and that’s because I’ve been travelling around stocking up on new images from England, Scotland and all over Oz! This one’s from the lake district in England, high atop some grassy mountain on the coast to coast track. Unfortunately the image doesn’t do the scale of the place justice, as that peak was just under 1800m high! 6 image stitch at 35mm, and more to come this week, hopefully.

8 thoughts on “Brief reincarnation

    • The8y#&217;re insane, aren’t they? My great-aunt lives in an ancient house in The Hague, and the stairs are more like a ladder. She is 80+, and not very agile any more – dreading the day that she misjudges the stairs…

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