Give it a few weeks

Hey folks.
Blog has – for the fourth or fifth time this year – died. The reason for this is that exams are coming up, which require masses of focus and concentration, which photography tends to prevent me from exerting. For this reason, things will continue to be deceased for some time.

The lack of photography has had profound health effects, though. Every time I see the camera my hand loses control and tries to press the shutter, and if i don’t allow it to, it starts flapping around like a dying fish. Preventing this is difficult and involves bricks to weigh the hand down during study sessions. I’ve also had to result to listening to a prerecorded shutter click on my ipod whenever I see a decent sunset, and the miming of setting up a camera is often necessary to prevent stress and retain sanity. Finally, whenever i see a decent composition, I’ve had to instantly close my eyes to keep the image in my mind for as long as possible. This can be a problem in public places, especially when walking in places where walls may be frequent.

Anyway 😀 heres an old image that may remind you of the good times. It does for me!


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