Only because I’ve gone and shot this in JPG. Damn.


11 thoughts on “Damn

  1. I am sure it will be OK Mr. Stack!

    I did the same after getting my sensor cleaned once and got a cracker stitch, only to find the idiots had changed my camera to JPEG…doh!

  2. Cheers Lloyd, that beach is THE PLACE for composition!

    Hehe Mark, fallen for the sensor clean test trick. If you’d got that done at camerahouse I’m sure that wouldn’t have happened, part of our customer service!! Haha, nah, that’s unfortunate because JPeg is really a toughie with saturation!

  3. Yep, really nice shot!
    Hate it when you get home and realise your camera was set to shoot jpeg!
    No issues here though! plenty of detail everywhere

  4. Hey folks, thanks for the comments. Might need to give it a big canvas print some time, I’ll say the Jpg artefacts are stitching! Luckily the 5d’s UBERPIXELCOUNT saved my ass this time 😀

    Wayte, unfortunately the blog will be dead for a while longer during these bloody TEE times, where i’ve detached myself from the photographic society to focus on school. I’ll manage the occasional scape hopefully.

    David, time to do a blog roll update… tomorrow! The demand is ever-increasing, so i’ll ads you ASAP!

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