Photomerge is my new best friend

Hey folks,

Knocked this up ths’mornin in photoshop, the first contact i’ve had with processing civilisation in months!! And farken hell, has CS5 outdone my old CS3. The photomerge – for one  – completely outdid anything else i have ever tried. The 5d files just love stitching with it, so i think i’ll divorce from PTgui and it’s fussiness for now, or until i get into multi row at least.

This is a little back beach of Cape Le Grande i found one morning. Great surf, friendly locals, ‘good’ fishing’ with no success rate… think this place tops Denmark on holiday spots. Not sure about the composition of this image, i think i screwed it up a little too much when i was shooting.


6 thoughts on “Photomerge is my new best friend

  1. A very nice one Stakky, nice blue tranquil feeling. Perhaps a bit too much cloud movement for me but to each his own. Good to see you back 🙂

    I still say PTgui is a million times better than Photomerge but as long as you get results you like that’s cool.

  2. Hey Stacky, shit its been a while young man. My mate lives in Esperance and I often get down there, the isolation and the serene wilderness is so more inviting than the south coast.
    I have a few posts form Esperance, you may just have to scoll down a little to find them !

    cheers Adrian

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