Just thought i’d header this post with a lame motivational word, in hopes to assist the rehabilitation of my previously dying blog.

I’m not dead, I’m undead. Schools been taking too much photography time up, and i’ve gotten so out of practise that it needs to change!! I have my hands on photoshop finally, and will put it to good use over the holidays when i am up North, hopefully getting some new images.

In other news, i recently made it into the My place photographic competition finals, with 3 images. It would be much appreciated if you could head over there > < and hit that vote button until your mouse is compressed into your desk. Many thanks to the people who do vote, as there is a real healthy competition this year!

Lastly, for those who don’t check CF’s blog, remember to head over to the Landscape 500 photographic competition and enter the hell out of it!! if anything gets you well known its winning Oz’s top landscape competition.


6 thoughts on “Determination!

  1. Hey Sean, congrats mate, your Madfish image it is in our local paper this weekend. Well done!

    Also to note one of my wedding photos in there as well so they must (the paper) only be using class this week. haha


  2. Haha Dave, didn’t even know mine was in there, not sure how they got the permission for it 😀 oh well, publicity!! yeah they must only be using the top quality stuff this week!!

    Michael, thanks for the vote!

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