That Esperancey blue

Hey all,

Not really sure what to think of this one, might be too much detail in the sky. Still going through my no-photoshop period, and LR can’t do the whole cloud blur thing. There are a bunch of stitch marks in the sky and water as well, but bad post processing aside, i guess you get the concept! I’ve decided PTGUI isn’t doing the job, and can’t seem to recognise control points. In the end I downloaded this free Double Take application demo, that stitched it perfectly. ahhh, free stuff. Unbeatable. Alright, go forth and constructively criticise! EDIT: alright, finally realised how crap it looked on the calibrated monitor, damn laptops. Tweaked this a bit, hopefully will look a little better.


7 thoughts on “That Esperancey blue

  1. Thanks guys, Michael stitching is a real load of crap, one of the backfires of digital imaging as apposed to film. Photoshop does do a good job, but i got into PTgui for manual stitching. Might just revert back i think!

  2. nice mate. Ive found PTGui cant handle stitching water or clouds anywhere near as good as photoshop so i tend to use photoshop in these situations. It seems that ptgui doesnt look as far into each shot to get a seamless blend.
    Ive also had a few issue when stitching images with heaps of detail, seems to blur in areas…
    I reckon photoshop does a better job but they should include adding manual control points and more options like ptgui then it will be the bomb

  3. not your usually good work mate, don’t let me down Stakky you can do better than this. I think that camera shop might be sucking your life force. Get me some pics mate!

  4. sup Chrissy, yep i agree it has dropped as of recent. I’ve been stuck with Lightroom for editing, and am having huge problems stitching these 5d files. Lost about 12 good pano’s just because PTGUI doesn’t have a flexible attitude. Might actually go back to the 450D with 35mm until i have some better facilities. You think a pano head might help much??

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