Had a really bad weather lineup at Rotto, rain and wind the whole time. Riding around the island was interesting, the 5d got a few baths en route, and my tripods finally began to rust! Heres a shot from half way round the island, where the rain subsided for a minute or so. Fully processed in LR, as photoshop doesn’t yet exist on the new imac.


5 thoughts on “Rottnest

  1. Looks great Sean, the cyan colour in the water looks great! I just got back from Rottnest, do you whereabouts did you shoot this one (like the north side or the south side)?


  2. Sweet shot, the colours are sensational mate… Like Christian said, more like a “wow” than a “ohh f***ing hell!! wooooow”

  3. thanks guys, i think i’ll chuck this one back in photoshop and see if i can fix up a little colour issue. Haha Tim, if i can get someone to yell “woooow” at their computer then i’m satisfied!

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