Stirling ranges

Hey all

Heres my version of the classic Bluff Knoll panorama, early one morning with a very brief break in the clouds. Got some pretty bad condensation on the 5d, felt guilty all morning until dad dropped his camera onto rocks at the top of Trio. ahhh, relief. I’m not sure about this one, the noise is off the charts. Anyway, enjoy!


21 thoughts on “Stirling ranges

  1. like the response! thanks all.

    Slammin’ it was a seriously good morning. Matt the chance of getting decent cloud display is only possible in certain times of the year when it’s so s*** cold your hands get frozen to the camera.

  2. Yeah, those steep mountains like Taliuberlup in the heat are a real killer. Either that or when it’s 8 degrees and you have lightning coming down around you, yeah that’s the other temperature i regretted climbing in. I shot this around March i think, when the clouds were fairly frequent.

    • I thought as much, I’ll stick to my shiny new 5D. If you want a 20-35mm lens for your old 5D (like the one Darriene smashed a Karijini) there’s one on ebay!

  3. now now, lets not get jealous of C’s new Phase, it has its advantages… but does it have 1080P HIGH DEF VIDEO?!?! i rest my case.

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