Went the Eastway

Not sure what happened here, i was browsing Peter Eastway’s (brilliant photographer, even if i do crack up every time i see the “Masterclass” ad. Sounds like a judo group) online portfolio a couple of hours beforehand so it’s probably pretty self explanatory. I tried to go for the desaturated, really vignetted look here.

8 thoughts on “Went the Eastway

  1. great composition, love it, still think you could get more out of it as it is a very cool scene. more Stakky brilliance

  2. Where is this stacky, great composition, like the lighting on the foreground, great work Mr Stak
    Cheers Adrian

  3. Alright as tempted as i am to start a “find this landmark and gain Stakky certification” campaign, the place is in Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, probably only viewable from the overland track. Awesome place!

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