was fooling around with the 5d2 in the JNFP tunnel with some mates recently, trying out high end ISO expansions. The camera is amazing, i shot this at 12800 and with a small noise adjustment in LR and going Mono to remove colour noise it looks like iso 400 with the 400d!! 

And here, at ISO 25 600, it was almost pitch black let alone for one small beam of light coming from the end of the tunnel. you can see some buildup in the darker areas, but still useable for… ufo evidence on a dark night, lets say.

This shot i was using for a bearing on the filming of our latest production “Timmy Tubearms”. Out soon!


4 thoughts on “highSO

    • Yoeranori,Ghsit article.I would just like to provide the reason why is Maria not faster with ThreadPool. I guess that this is a thread pool from MySQL version 6.0, which was never released. That thread pool is not very efficient as it uses an additional library as an abstraction layer for each OS. It does not use native functionality of each OS.There was also a very fast ThreadPool that runs only on Solaris, developed 6 years ago, by Monty and maintained by him and me. This was a commercial feature for one big company and not available under GPL.

  1. Congratulations Sean , the web site is fantastic with great images. You can be proud of your work , well done .

    When are running the first course , book me in. 🙂



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