Gday guys, just back from yet another episodic venture to the southern area of WA. 5d is AWESOME! loads of shots coming soon, but heres a starter from Greens Pool, taken after dark. The 5d raw takes forever to stitch, and reqiures a lot of patience and bundaberg to work through with photoshop. More soon anyway!

EDIT: alrightio uploaded a new slightly brighter version, now you can squint 50% less


16 thoughts on “back

  1. Not a bad way to start back young fella!

    Maybe if you had moved around the point more and shot more 90 degrees to the sunset the cliffs in the distance would not have been so dark??

    Great colours and really cool sky…well done!

  2. Your back stak, nice as always, awesome blue hue.
    Ive been missing your comments and telling me how crap I am 🙂
    When is the exhibition, book, website ?
    Check me out when your not too busy
    Cheers Adrian

  3. Dave are you the guy who has panoramic landscapes at all the tourist locations in Denmark? like at the honey winery and stuff?

    Adrian, heading to your blog now!

  4. Hey stakky havent checked your blog in ages but seeing sweet images! This one is AWEOSME! The 5D is really working for you!

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