cats, canon and christmas

Shot with the new  5d at ISO 800 today on a visit to the rellies’. Man, this camera is smooth and clean, like vaseline. These kittens were begging for the shot, so i had to hit the deck and try some low light stuff. 

As always (for the second time) merry christmas to all the various bloggers/viewers that follow this blog, commenting or silent. Next year is gonna hold some sweet stuff with this new camera.

The website (which is going great!) is to be released after my holiday down south, as i am yet to fill in the “new images” gallery. 

Stakky out!


16 thoughts on “cats, canon and christmas

  1. took me friggen ages to save for but with a little full time work and sunday hours i managed to pull it off 🙂
    Yeah i will love it though. The ISO performance is incredible!!

  2. Like the first one Mr. Stakk

    Great to hear that you now have a camera to match those skills of yours mate!

    No doubt you will start to wow us with your magic from now on!

    Cheers and all the best for the New Year

    True North Mark

  3. Left you 5dm2 outside? you must live in the sticks Stakky, to have that much trust. haha, thought you would have it all next to you smothering it with all ur affection, tucked away in bed mate. haha. I think it is designed for some pretty touch conditions, prob less heat affected than leaving it for an afternoon in ur car up north, which is likely to happen for peeps. But you never know, has it turned it into a $4000 holga? 😉

  4. Looks like i forgot to mention I’ve been on holiday for 2 weeks! The 5d is sweeet, will have pure win and awesome uploaded in a couple of days.

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