filters at the swan river

recently got an nd 400x filter for the 35mm, so put it to the test tonight and got some fairly smooth results… noise is pretty bad though. May need earmuffs next time… (ha)


26 thoughts on “filters at the swan river

  1. Cheers Jamie and Beau

    Merv the Nd 400x, reduces light by about 10 stops, pretty good in sunlight for 20 sec exposures.

    Noise ninja is coming shortly Mark

  2. Cheers danny, the filter is well worth the cash.
    Steve Fletch got me this far, but now that his blog is full of commercial crap i guess there needs to be a backup! 🙂
    Bryce its still developing so maybe in a few years there will be some establishment

  3. Stakky don’t make me strike you from my links mate, that commercial crap is there to give everyone an idea what is going on in the industry, I make nothing from it, it is a service to people that might find it interesting. I find it interesting but if you don’t, and I guess it is because you work for camera house, don’t tune in.

  4. ahaha mate i’m just messing around 🙂 after all the jokes i’ve had from you guys its only fair! Its good to see what’s on in the industry, and i’m pretty sure we all appreciate the news central your blog is serving as. No way am i gonna stop checking it!

  5. Stakky I’m your number one fan and I think you have a huge future ahead of yourself. Just never forget where you came from, stay humble and respect everyone you meet. This is the best advice I can give you and if people like you they will respect you back. Your own business will grow and flourish then. Call it Karma if you will, it is real, and we have been trading on Karma credits for years.

    Now Jamie are you laughing at me too??? Right need to pull you into line also hey??? 🙂

  6. not sure… both i guess. Not like a stuffed up earth will look all that different what with the apocalyptic look i always go for 🙂

    In all seriousness, dont screw up earth.

  7. A mate last night told me he wasn’t going to have children because it contributed to the destruction of the earth. He then stated that having kids was a selfish ambition, and not having them wasn’t selfish…. Ironic thing is.. He’s a 4th yr med student…. His industry is to prolong life 😀

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