Not packing it in

If you are one of those people who go through the relatively long and complicated method of regularly visiting this blog in hope of new material to gander at and have been loosing slight interest lately due to a severe lack of new posts then i can assure you its not permanent. I have some fairly cool developments coming for next year, maybe some new gear, maybe some chance of an exhibition, maybe a new side of media production.

So… for a little while till i get this site finished and available to you guys it may be slightly quiet.

Stakky out!


4 thoughts on “Not packing it in

  1. Good to know, Stakky. I was in a rut earlier this year until a good mate of mine, Tony Sweet, told me to get into working on the software side of photography. I was dubious, but he was spot on and it has made a world of difference. I feel energized every time I shoot thinking about what I can do back in the digital darkroom.

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