long point re edit

sand dune monoway better in mono!


10 thoughts on “long point re edit

  1. Hey stackman, Yep mono is better
    By the way show your lover my macro and tell me what happens.
    Its alright mate Im nearly married ! 🙂

  2. Yeah mate, this one is a great shot. Took me ages to go back and find the original, but once I did i saw the improvement, quite good ! Looking on a uncalibrated laptop monitor so don’t know the light level very well, but if anything it just seemed a touch dark overall for me – not sure whether you were going to print this or not, be interesting to see if it can take or needs an overall boost.

  3. Brett im sorta unsure about how bright web shots should be, but for the print i push it as bright as possible before i get blown out areas. Your right this is actually a little dark though ill fix that sometime.

    Khen 1×3 is da bomb! cheers for the comment

  4. Mate this image is fantastic!! I love the tones & the composition is shit hot!! Great job buddy!! I love nothing more than a black & white done well!!

  5. thanks Josh

    Antonio thanks a lot, good to see it turned out successful. It wasn’t an easy walk up that sand dune from the beach, about ten minutes i think!! awesome view from the top though.

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