fresh off the griller

silkyness1Just got home from an evening shoot, so heres some funky fresh material


16 thoughts on “fresh off the griller

  1. Hi Stakky this is brillant – I think it is a very unique point of view that most people would overlook and go for the bigger perspective. I really love it! If you wouldn’t mind sharing, what method do you follow when you save for the web as your images are pin sharp!

  2. Thanks Tom

    Ric, thanks and the method is one i stole from CF. You reduce the image size to 2000 pxls in width and apply a strong smart sharpen twice, then further reduce the size to 1000 pixels. A bit much but shit sharp!!

    Antonio thanks, ill add yours when i get around to another linking spree!

    thanks islandimages (do you have a name by any chance??)

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