to keep the hits up

Hamersley wide

Probably better as a 2 meter print


7 thoughts on “to keep the hits up

  1. A very nice B+W this, nicely composed and good contrast. On 2 metres of canvas it should be a pretty specie wall ornament!

  2. Awesome photo sean, black and white emphasises the detail in the rocks very nicely.

    Like you, I’m also 15, and a few of us at school thought we were pretty good at photography for our age until we came across your site, you have loads of fantastic pictures. We have a fair way to catch up to get to your standard!

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Matt, thanks.

    Lloyd, mate your stuff is pretty awesome as well, good to finally see some other people my age doin’ this gig! ill get your link on my blog and stay updated.
    Do you work at Rotto or something? you have loads of stuff from there.

    • I wish – went there for a week with a camera from school and it was my first time with a proper DSLR camera so I shot almost all day, every day. Thanks, I’ll put your link on mine as well, takes my blogroll thing to 5!…

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