new life

mountain range red editedLadies and Gentlemen, today i blog before you to acknowledge a truly significant event in the history of fine art photography. Yes, the first shot, stitched and edited panorama produced solely from not me… but my dad *audience gasp*. Taken around Mt Augusta i think.


12 thoughts on “new life

  1. I sense a father and son scam being uncovered – I have long suspected that the senior Stak was producing the fine images on this blog and the junior Stak was using his youthfulness to bathe in the glory of their success and subsequent praise and fame. Now it’s all unraveling and the roles are reversing – this is really the work of junior, trying to pass it off as dad’s…..

  2. Ahh Stakky, us old blokes have to make up stories to deal with the fact that someone a third of our age has 3 times the talent. The question is whether the gap gets further as we get older, or whether we can learn off our kids and reel it back in. Looks like your old man is coming along nicely under your tutelage – hope he’ll be at the BBQ so I can get some tips on dealing with creative offspring cos my 6 year old is kicking my butt creatively already. So is your dad going to start his own blog now?? 🙂

  3. haha we may rock up at the bbq… not sure yet. As for the “talent”, feel free to blame it on the digital age. His own blog? are you kidding? who the heck would tune into that :)??

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