For the concept geeks…

Ghost beneath the surface 1Always been amazed at the huge variety of awesome sig bars out there. Browsing through some fan sigs on my favorite bands site based on songs, so thought i check out a few sig tutorials and try one of my own. Turns out all the vector graphic tut’s sucked, so i tried one with a base of actual photographs, one of a fire i took at my party accidentally and a portrait or a girl from school i took sometime last year. A lot of time and a few tricks of the trade later i ended up with this. The name was a toss up over two of my favorite songs by the said band, “Ghost beneath the surface”, or “Inner Awakening”.I would have used the first if it had fitted. 

EDIT: ok screw that i’m using ghost beneath the surface. First version sucked, for those who saw it!

So…. like?


7 thoughts on “For the concept geeks…

  1. Hey Stakky, this is cool man, like the solar flare!
    Cheers for commenting on the macro images
    Also re the website, use your own name, Thats what I will be doing, people like to relate images to a person ie name however artistic name branding can work also.
    Just call your self “Master in Waiting” Trihard photog and they will come !

  2. Stakky, this is really awesome mate, very clever little bugger u are. i didn’t understand a word of what your were talking about, but the image is great. haha (maybe you have to be young!!!)

  3. There is some talent hidden in there young fella!!

    Nice work and you have a secure road ahead of you for sure to be producing this sort of work at your age!



  4. thanks guys.

    wayte im still not sure about the name thing… its not a huge deal if i’m gonna sell locally anyway.

    Craig, ill give you the sumdown. Sig refers to signature, and is usually a panoramic format graphic used at the end of forum posts to represent the author. Its become very popular recently among graphic designers. If for some reason i posted as “Inner Awakening” then id use this. This is pretty basic compared to the real profession ones, but i havent seen one entirely made from photographs before so i reckon there may be some form of art in it.

    Mark it could be a pretty rad career, i’m gonna try some more soon.

  5. heh nice try Fletch!! thank god for the power of comment editing. Mate i’m not giving out any details just yet. No i wasnt thinking about using Stakky cause from a business perspective thats completely lame!! For now the answer is pending.

    Thanks Tom, nah but i heard that some guy from school smoked about 10 ciggies to get a shot for a media project once… hardcore producer.

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