alrighty time for some audience participation… I was thinking if i was gonna get a site and start selling some more stuff locally and over the internet i need some form of title, other then Stakky or Sean stak. To avoid using my real name (security!!) i was thinking about one of them flashy company name things… sorta like Neil’s “Spool Photography”. SO any ideas? i was thinking (don’t laugh) Fluid earth photography or… Resonant Landscape or something. Lame? good? IDeAs, PEoPLe!


6 thoughts on “Names…

  1. Sean (or Stakky or however you;d like), how about using your youth as a hook with “Fresh Eyes Landscapes” or “New Horizons Photography”?
    Okay, so I’m a geezer (Yank for old fart) with grandkids and the like, but I like your drive and ambition and hope you go far!

  2. How about a pseudo name-link thing: Image Stack, Pixel Stack, PhotoStack, Stacked Images, Stackography, Stackery – chuck in “Photography”, “Imagery”, “Photoart” whatever. Else how ’bout Visual Echo, Vibrant Horizon/Earth/World/Lines etc etc.

    Come on Stakky, grab a Red Bull and get thinking! What do you want to say about yourself and your photography? You can’t remain “hidden” for too long – if you’re planning on building a brand, start now. Imagine if CF decided to change his brand now – it would take ages to get it back to the household name he has built it to be today.

  3. You could always rip CF off and call it Australia Stack Photos…. šŸ™‚

    If you wanted to cash in on the child-star thing (before you get too old!!) you could be Prodigy Photography!

  4. or Stak o’ stock, the photo Stak or even Stakken’ the punch photography. All gold stuff eh šŸ™‚ im thinking maybe i should go with the dreamy, subconscious and hugely overused concept name like “Fluid Earth Photography” or “Resonant Landscape”.

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