Rotto in mono

Huts roadShot this less then 20 minutes before i got on the ferry back to perth, saw it whilst riding along the road after some blue sky stuff. Cloud came over just in time for the some light, and i even tried a white sky for once.


5 thoughts on “Rotto in mono

  1. Nice B&W Stakky. In fact all of your work is grand!
    Thanks for the compliment on CF’s blog. Although I had to check up 5w33t on google as I had no idea what you were talking about. Gotta go easy on us old fellas!

  2. haha Dave its just my tryhard way of saying sweet! dont go googling it i have NO IDEA what it comes up with!!

    James it is!!! how about that! CHEAP?? well turns out i am actually also UNDER 18!! haha thanks for the vote

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