Now basin’ at the Basin (ha… *ergh*)

rocks sunset beachAlrighty it was time i got the gear out again and took some classic scapes’. Over the weekend i was lingering around Rotto for a couple of days, on a kickass community organized thingy. I slipped off from the large gang at evening and rode down to the basin for sunset and got some pretty sweet stuff. Didnt take a tripod bag so tied it on to the bike frame with a snapped tube i found on the road… pretty creative eyyy?  

Got some other interesting stuff of Rotto ill get into PS soon as these exams wear off.



9 thoughts on “Now basin’ at the Basin (ha… *ergh*)

  1. Will it was BYO beer, preferably VB (virtual beer) as real stuff ruins your browser and/or computer.

    Mervy ill get rid of some on the right side, that line on the left is good lead in

  2. Nice work Stakky!

    Rotto is my most favourite place on the planet!

    I like the black and white as well….and very innovative by the way!!



  3. thanks mark, i’m hoping to create some original looking stuff to be recognized as a… wait for it… “StakkyScape” GEDDIT? cause…. oh that was lame wasnt it

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