blue as a smurf

kermits pool landscape1bluer

A quick re-edit of that old hancock shot i posted a while ago…


7 thoughts on “blue as a smurf

  1. Hey Stacky, thanks for the comments on my macro, they where taken at John forrest N/Park mate your backyard I believe.
    Glad to see your still with us on wordpress. School must be a BA%&H at the moment.
    I wish I took photography at school instead of woodwork LOL
    What are you doing in the school holidays?
    Im heading south to Walpole/Nornalup and might drop in and hassle CF and buy a new image or 2 for the house. Dont tell CF he probably needs a sale after being on TN !
    Thanks again Adrian

  2. im… gonna be working i think… got myself a job at camerahouse last weekend and wanna rake in some hours and cash for a 7d or 5s mk2.
    Yeah why choose woodwork?! thats a bonehead elective!!
    Im sure CF wont find out, not like its a public blog or anything.

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