Better? at all?

vineyard2reda variation of an old ducketts mill shot i found lying around. the orig is on the blog somewhere but i’m not giving a link for those people who disapprove editing!

So… better or worse? it’ll be good to know how far i can push it before it starts to screw up.


19 thoughts on “Better? at all?

  1. Very appocoliptic, all you need now are the four horsemen galloping down the clearing on the right. its just a little to overboard for my liking. The actual photo looks pretty good though


  2. right on guys, overdone and way too dramatic… just how i like it. Thanks for the feedback. Mark im sending it off to the winery soon as possible. Maybe it will be their wall. Also thanks for the header praise, i thought it fit juuust fine.

  3. sure it is overdone but if you wanted that look then who cares. Photography is painting with light and more so these days, painting with photoshop. All is fair game, go forth and create, that is the name of the game. Good on ya youngster!

  4. Neil i wouldn’t expect anyone to want a tutorial of this, but hell if you want the process im happy to give it to you, im not gonna be stingy like someone (fletch?)!! 🙂

    Matt… uh… thanks

  5. This is one image for the walls of Darth Vader little hideaway. it’s not to my taste yet I do like it very much, I’m with Dylan and Fletch’, if you don’t try it you’ll never know! I’d like to see this affect applied to some city/urban images, ‘Armageddon Days are here Again’ (The The) sort of thing.

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