my youth is fading, dammit

well… my handicap is fading actually. Birthday was yesterday so im apparently 15 now. Good year though, if you click on the first month of the archive you’ll see i have come a relatively long way thanks to this blog. Thanks for all the feedback over the past year people i’m sure the bloggers will be held responsible for the priority of whatever shizz i shoot over the next year!


7 thoughts on “my youth is fading, dammit

  1. Mate your’re soooooo old it’s not funny.

    Strange but true, when your young the years just drag by , yet when you get older you desperatly want them to slow down.

    Happy Birthday youngin !!!!!

  2. Hi Sean,

    Happy belated birthday young fella!! If you can produce what you are doing at 15, you have it all ahead of you buddy!!

    Keep pursuing the passion and the rest will come.

    There is a reason why time drags on when you are young and speeds up later in life Merv!!

    At 15 a year of his life is 1/15th of his life….at 50 it is 1/50th!! I know where I would rather be! Wanna swap Sean?



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