karijini canvas

Dales portraitAlways thought this shot looked like a painting i saw once… anyway, taken at 11 at night on a 40 min exposure as i watched bats fly past. A dingo stopped a meter from me on the way out of the gorge and we stared at each other for a while. No evidence though the camera was in the bag on my back! The pink sky is natural, it was a huge fire raging in the distance that came out juuuust fine. One of my favorite shots ever, probably… shame its not a panorama.


12 thoughts on “karijini canvas

  1. wow man, really really like this!! 🙂
    thank you very much for giving me absolutely unbearable itchy feet!!
    i want to pack up now and head up there! 🙂

    unfortunately my next trip is still 8 odd months aawwwaayyyy!!!! 😦

  2. cheers guys… glad to hear the shot pleases. Im gonna get onto printing it… maybe a poster? Stephen If the place still exists in 8 months (tourists are multiplying) then itll be worth the wait!

    Jamie i think its gotta be a best, cheers

  3. Hey Stack, saving the best for last before the beach images are posted.
    Check out some new images I have posted from around where I work and the occasional macro study.

  4. Dan im not sure. I’ve never had much noise with the 400d on ISO 100, even with long star trails. Maybe its the fact that i don’t threaten it to replace it with a 5d mk 2 like all the other 400d users here!! respect, guys!!!

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