hamersley 2 falls copydifferent sort of mono i whipped up a while ago. Maybe ill get onto some colour stuff of Hamersley.


6 thoughts on “Hamerseley

  1. Well done sTakky, the monos are lookin great, particularly this one. Does your dad get to use a camera too?

  2. cheers stephen, get the hell back there its a great place but dont fall into the hands of accommodation do it the real way and camp!

    Here ya go merv, enjoy

    craig the old man has a 450d and a tripod but hes still getting used to the whole composition and editing thing. I find im told to get out of his shots more then him getting out of mine now its not right!!

  3. I love all your shots of Hamersley so this and the ones in color are great additions to the family. The other day in photography class you really inspired me at the same time as making me feel bad because of my sudden realization as to how much I sucked. Anyway I got lightroom and I’m gonna post alot more from now on. 🙂
    Good work

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