Pardoo station

pardoo gate widelast year i got crap all at Pardoo. Its a hard place to shoot i found, not cause its not photogenic but cause after 6 days in Karijini isolation i couldn’t really be stuffed picking up the camera again. Time for some actual HOLIDAY things not working my face off getting up at fricken’ freezing five in the morning and staying in gorges till’ 10 at night. Caught some 5w33t salmon and a truck load of cobbler. Also flew and proudly smashed my RC plane on the beach for the first time in 2 years and tried to make use of a cricket bat, which turned out to have more use as protection against herds of horned fat cows flocking gates such as this. I found running at them with a tripod and camera in one hand and a cricket bat in the other  screaming “get out of my frame you bitch” didnt work as well as i thought it would. Who knew? 
 Tried some interesting new techniques on this… (like what?) like SCREWING UP THE COMPOSITION and OVER SATURATING the GREEN to a point where i had to REMOVE IT. Turns out it looked better that way anyways… ahh, improvisation.


6 thoughts on “Pardoo station

  1. Great shot Stacky ..i like muchly.

    I’m a sucker for red dirt either in the flesh or in a picture.

    Bloody hell, your getting to good mate, it’s just not right !!!

  2. thanks merv, gotta say i also like that red dirt look.
    BTW i reckon its about fair, any creative kid my age could have taken stuff like this if they also had the right gear and enough time to figure out how to do it. Nothing particularly different about me… except ive heard good looks are a key element!

  3. Stakky, you are a superstar mate. the two post before this one are fabo but I don’t like this gate shot, I think the reds are overdone and the gradient on the sky is a bit too obvious. The B&W could do with some mid tone contrast but the landscape of the wide open spaces at Karijini is very nice mate. Great colour, better than mine you little bugger. Well done.

  4. better then yours eh fletch? i was looking in landscapes (the book) again today and found some pretty good shots of the open at Kj. Not sure if mine really compares yours are too good.

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