Marshmallowie goodness from Hamersley

_MG_4514 copyAmongst my *cough* busy schedule stitching panos and fighting homework for peace and equality throughout WA schooling, ill never forget to find some time to add to my growing collection of monochrome desktops, which have become high demand from a few lady types around the school. Hey if i wanna be like Fletch gotta keep up my feminine reputation eh!?

Heres a redone version of the hamersley gorge shot.


7 thoughts on “Marshmallowie goodness from Hamersley

  1. I wish I could get into B&W a bit more but they just don’t really do it for me, well not many anyway.
    If I stare at this long enough it’s not too bad and i could see it on a gallery wall somewhere. It’s a nice shot but it just doesn’t grab me if that makes any sense.

    Love to see the colour version

  2. fair enough merv…. i cant say i liked mono at first either. GAllery standard is good though!

    thanks Dylan, its one of my favorite as well. Conversion was pretty standard… i think i did it in lightroom. really just a shit load of contrast, vignetting and one great waterfall.

  3. My favourite of yours stakky. I much prefer the fact that it does not have a border also. I find borders often draw attention away from the image itself. A border in my opinion should compliment an image rather than draw attention away from it.

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