true Aussie landscape

tree hill clouds1on waking abnormally early one ice encrusted morning, i noticed a strange, white unexplainable thing in the sky. As endlessly wild possibilities shrouded my mind, i remembered seeing one, if not a complete shit load of these in Perth not that much earlier.  A… a… cloud?? in Karijini!? this was big news for people like me with no life. I drew a beeline for the passenger seat of the car and stubbornly gave my dad instructions to “drive” to the specific location of “anywhere”.

I wasnt sure what i was looking for, but i remembered afew Kj shots in CF’s landscapes book, and naturally tried to copy as best i could. This is one of my favorite shots from the holiday.


9 thoughts on “true Aussie landscape

  1. Just makes me want to go uo there and thrash the shutter of my camera’s.
    May be your Dad should start up his own KJ tours. I hope I can reserve a back seat in the Prado one day stacky !:) Im serious !

  2. Flem i have no idea, as i said im very loose with technicalities but theres a good chance considering we were camping near knox.

    Cheers Merv

    Adrian why would i get my DAD to do the tours?? ive been to Kj 5 times now i know the place pretty well. My tour wouldnt be all that accommodation and supplied food crap like Fletch and Eastways, you would have to rough it like a real man.

    Graham i must get around to finding out about those metallic prints, i agree it would look pretty kickass.

    Khengteo a 9 image stitch

    Thanks again everybody

  3. Well Satcky when your old enough to drive mate I look forward to the invite OR I will drive in my 4wd and you can take me to all your secret spots
    Next school holidays sounds good! I will be on holidays : )

  4. Perfect outback shot Sean. Love the colours and contrast. The metallic paper Graham is referring to is the Kodak Endura Metallic paper. It is a bit cheaper than Fuji Flex. I love the Kodak Metallic paper and it will be my choice of paper when I open a gallery.

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