some shizz from Kj

hancock waterfall1wtm

5w33t, finally found some net access at Pardoo… although ill keep it short, i really need a shower and a slight hygiene makeover after camping in isolation at bee gorge for a week… yeah… CAMPING, none of that accommodation malarky.

So, photographically wise the holiday is working very well… got some of my best stuff here i think and thats only after stitching 5 of my 200 or so panos. Wonder if ill earn some of this tnfp praise the whole neighborhoods been talking about! i was wearing the tnfp shirt almost every day!

Anyways, heres a shot from Hancock, taken way too early in the morning some forgotten day. Excuse the watermarking, ill get rid of it in the next few shots.


One thought on “some shizz from Kj

  1. very nice mate, I know this spot well, I have also a shot similar to this but haven’t done it up. My suggestions is try and saturate the reds alittle more and maybe dick with the hue to make it more orange looking. Thats how I like it.

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