few more…

kermits pool landscape1
hamersley snake falls

knox sunset

OK heres the final load for a while… i’ve run out of patience for this upload speed now my ipod has just run out of battery… ah well i know a few Machinae supremacy and Cog songs on guitar to keep me satisfied until i get back to civilization. Enjoy the pics, any feedback is appreciated as always.


4 thoughts on “few more…

  1. Hey Sean,
    Glad to hear from your alive!
    These last 2 post’s, B&W and Kermits pool are the best of the posts I think so far. Really like the color in the top image.
    The iTNFP T-shirt has special powers like a power ranger and is clearly having some effect. We should get paid foe wearing them!
    Look forward to more
    Cheers Mate Adrian

  2. Adrians Right. it is all the power of the TNFP, your lucky to have one mate!! Kermits pool is brilliant, why because it looks like one I have, the B&W is excellent. Perhaps if the main waterfall was further to the left the composition would be more pleasing but still very nice mate.

    bottom image has merit shot either before or after the sun coming up but I would like to see more into the gorge to get that depth.

    Mate you have a bright future.

  3. thanks guys, Adrian more coming once i get home its been a great week for this stuff ony one stormy day and still got some sweet shots of the spinefex then… we found this new completely untouched gorge and range of hills i know everyones gonna want to know the location of!

    Fletch if im taking stuff that looks like yours im a happy bloke. ive seen your version on that aluminum stuff in the gallery and it looks insane.
    I agree on the BnW shot, i was disappointed on the stitched result but you should have seen the position i was in to get that it was AGONIZING. Luckily i reshot the scene 2 or 3 times so ill get on to fixing it.

    Yuh, i think all the credit for these shots goes to the TNFP shirt. Lucky to get it at such a ‘discount’ and am glad i made you make 3 trips to your office to get me a fitting version!

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