yeah, we are nerds.

One boring afternoon recently, i figured out the amount of time i spend trying to edit these landscapes was fairly abundant considering the “simple” things i was doing in photoshop. Wanting to know if what we refer to as “simple” is all that basic, I sent a raw file to one of my friends, Sophie,  who was eager just  to see if they could knock up something around to my pretty low standard.

What i received was quite different to what i expected, actually. Look at the raw:

sugarloaf_originalnot  the best shot, i agree. But look at the result, after a proclaimed “photoshopping”:sugarloaf_rock_soph's version-1

Speaks for itself, really, and for those who have NO idea how that white cut came into existence, i think it might be an “vignette”.

So if you ever feel like your not achieving what you want on photoshop, remember this outcome and  i guarantee you will feel a lot better… worked for me.


9 thoughts on “yeah, we are nerds.

  1. Geez dude, you need to call your friends’ parents and make sure they give your friends the drug talk, before it’s too late.

  2. Talk about a confidence booster, I feel quite happy about my photoshopping now haha. My question is, was this sent back to you with the whole hearted belife that it was good? If so I concur with the others, your friends are on some awsome crack.

  3. haha yea im sorta wondering why i posted this now!! We were joking how it would be a major confidence booster for those who were feeling like they werent achieving what they wanted… ill check the drug hypothesis though!!

    now why the hell am i answering this post on costly internet at pardoo?? im gonna upload some shizz

  4. uh oh she’s found me!
    id better run! head up into the mountains, lie low and eat grass shrubs and omelets whilst this conflict wears off. Stakky out!

    heh…. ehe… well… um…… just… just joking? does that cut it?

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