Karijini compilation

Waterfall gorge compiltion1


Well, as im off to KJ very soon, i thought i might go through some of last years shots to see where i needed to reshoot. With my recent obsession with mono desktops i had to make one of these. Considering i didnt have anything like this in mind during the shooting, cant help but think that after a bit of cropping and way too much contrast this didnt turn out so bad.


9 thoughts on “Karijini compilation

  1. Nice sean, I like the middle image but as a compilation very nice. In regard to your comment on my wordpress you mentioned a strange atmosphere. Im interested to know what you mean, is it the vignetting or the orange colour cast. The color of the river bed and river rocks are all natural. I enjoy your input so keep it coming, criticism is always good as long as you can take it.
    Cheers Mate Adrian

  2. cheers people…
    Wayte ill answer that at yoru blog

    Fletch, ill give the whites a bit of a boost. Do you use your monitor at full brightness?

    merv i like mono version myself 🙂

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