getting lazy, but not givin’ up

yeah i know theres been a severe lack of posts recently… tru im getting lazy with all this school crap but im still at it, gonna be heading to Karijini again this holiday and am sure to get some good stuff. Anyone else gonna be there? 

Anyway amongst all this school chaos i managed to produce a few desktops (monochrome, of course) that look pretty cool on these funky laptops. Got a few people around the school with them as theyre desktops… getting locally known! 

also, finally got some stuff on CF’s stock site…

heres one i liked particularly. its only optimized for a laptop screen but looks pretty cool anyway

sand water copy


One thought on “getting lazy, but not givin’ up

  1. Hey Sean nice shot I see Dylan fox has a similar new post up. B&W looks great.
    When do you head off to Karajini, school hols yeah or is ya dad letting you off school.
    Where are you staying, do you work with a mac for your images
    I have a new post of similar genre but not balck and white.
    Look forward to your karajini posts

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