Conspicuous once more

ccliff low cloudHeres another from that grey old day down in walpole. This was the last shot i was able to take before the filters got so salty i couldn’t clean them.


11 thoughts on “Conspicuous once more

  1. cheers merv

    ben its my desktop now… hilariously stupidly pointless.

    Fletch cheers ill submit a load of 20 next weekend once all this homework sh*ts done

  2. Hey Sean,
    Nice mate, you better get your images into the master.
    Your frames on your images, did you get a CS4 action from fletcher to create them
    or do you create them yourself. I have a new post up but would really like to construct better framing for my images on wordpress.
    Any ideas would be great
    Adrian Wayte

  3. James sounds risky but ill give it a try!

    Wayne i stole the frame from the master himself, although had to figure out how to make it. It fairly easy… just expand the canvas to get the gray area, duplicate the layer and expand the canvas again for the black. then use the layer effects thing to put an inner shadow on the top layer. Experiment a bit.

  4. Nice one Stakky, as James said not over done. however there is a little bit too much sand in the foreground, maybe a slight vignette may bring you eye level up a tad.


  5. Nice shot Stakky. Are you following the master’s sharpening settings – looks like there is a little haloing in patches but the seaspray may be doing something there. Nice job on the frames – did you write an action for that or do it manually each time.

  6. Thanks muzz… im using Kelby’s sharpening style, in LAB colour. This gets the best result.
    i do the frames manually… the actions thing never worked.

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