conspicuous cliff again again

mandalay grass island

one last vertical from CC. Lost my remote shutter here and spent two days beach combing for it. on the last day as we were walking back to the car i found it tied to a post! 


10 thoughts on “conspicuous cliff again again

  1. I like the perspective you have here, where the grass at the bottom apears to be really close to the camera, sort of like a wide angle shot. The sky is really nice in this picture, you caught a good sunrise/sunset.

  2. Mate love to but this weekend is too hard. Im all over the place with friends and family but some other weekend when ur in the area we can go shooting.

  3. Man, you really do cut the mustard stakky, this one is really sweet, love the dof, what were the specs, looks terrific, keep up the great posts.

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