Funky car shot

prado-beach-copyHeres the ol’ (or fairly new, actually) prado – at its cleanest and loaded with kayaks – enjoying the sunset on peaceful bay (possibly the most UNphotogenic beach in WA). monochrome finished this perfectly and i used a couple of Dylan Fox inspired beams of light in the sky. One one my less artistic mates at school (NOT Dylan), one the hardest judges in current existence and the same guy who says “thats stupid” to most my shots actually said “awesome”! Gotta admit cartoghraphy is pretty satisfying.



12 thoughts on “Funky car shot

  1. Photography happens to be my greatest passion (if I havent ever made that obvious). Photography is a lot more than just a hobby to me!

  2. I wasnt talking about you… I said “my mate” and was referring to a guy at school. Sorry if you may have been offended!

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