Peaceful bay

peaceful-bay-sky-blurgot home last night… whadda great holiday! if ya ever need a good only-half-ruined-by-tourists holiday destination i recommend Walpole! Dunseborough wasnt too bad either, although the beaches sort of suck and the abundance of people seems too high.

Heres a shot ya can gawk at whilst i work through some others, taken well after sunset at peaceful bay, and edited with a few tips ‘n’ tricks i picked up at Fletcher’s course. For those who dont know about it i recommend it! (thats to you, Jack, if you still read these blogs).


10 thoughts on “Peaceful bay

  1. Great shot Sean, very high quality. I really need to get to one of Christians workshops, hopefully he will conduct one in Sydney or somewhere nearby when he is on the East Coast.

  2. No doubt about ya, your strong on opinions for a 14 yo in a 40 year old mind. haha. Great post, looking forward to some more from your trip. M8 you must have the best dad ever, you certainly get around. You got something you bribing him with m8?

  3. I just hit 10 000 hits!! go crazy!!

    Thanks all. Fletch i thought i had to do al this registration and stuff before i sent stuff to asp. Ill happily put it on though.

  4. I like the colours in the sky and how the water mirrors them. They definitely add to the mood of the photo. Very pretty and serene : )

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