Sugarloaf rock

Hope this works; I’m trying to post from the iPhone. Here’s a sunset I just managed to catch before fletchers course, which I’ll post about later cause it’s impossible to type on this thing. Not sure if this pic will come out very big but worth a try.

Enjoy if possible


13 thoughts on “Sugarloaf rock

  1. it’s the beach opposite. I’m not gonna be able to reupload in 5 days but stay posted! Photography just got a lot harder since I half fractured my hand yesterday…

  2. Stakky, play with fire and you gunna get hurt. Obviously Fletch was seeing the young threat at hand and sent the boys around to the Boy Wonder’s house hey. You gunna have to post a few duds mate, to get the Master off your back. lol

  3. Hey Sean, met up with you at fletchers course the other night. I hope your camera has recovered from the swim it took!
    I like your blog, honestly its rather impressive, do you do your image framing in CS4?
    Keep going at it mate, we need to knock fletcher off his pedastool!

    Regards Adrian

  4. Hey Sean, turns out I had a chat with you briefly to at christians the other night aswell. I must say your pics are very good, I had to check out what all this stakky hipe was haha.
    Check out my blog sometime, ive only just started it, and am still figuring it all out though.

    Keeo up the awsome work.

  5. Sean, Awesome blog, pity you aren’t on blogspot, cos then I could subscribe to your rss feed thing. Awesome photos, I’ll be sure to bookmark this page.
    Seeyou at school
    Ben Y

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