Knox gorge

knox-wtrfll-2-editedsmallLooking through some old stuff today and found this one from Knox gorge in Karijini. This is a frame i doubt anybody else has seen, as its one of the hardest compositions to set up for. i had my old plastic tripod in meter deep rushing water, squatting between to rock walls with one foot on each… behind me was a huge waterfall and i didnt want to fall in! Luckily i managed to avoid any other tourists on that day.


8 thoughts on “Knox gorge

  1. nice shot mate but would have to agree with flemming and merv found the branch distracting but there would have been much you could do about it

  2. nice one, i’m guessing this is now the image with the “completed” branch? it doesn’t look too bad in my eyes.

    i was right here when some jet fighters decided to do some passes overheard…you guessed it. i shat meself!! It wasn’t till the 3rd pass i realized what the bloody noise was! 1st time i thought it was water or rocks coming down!

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