Work experience


I can tell y’all work experience is great… so much better then that old school place i used to go to.  Jandakots the place to do it if you like aeronautics and photography… the place is full of old vintage planes, modern sport planes and a small variety of choppers. Heres one just outside the Rotorvation (thats the company id working with) hangers. Bit dark?


8 thoughts on “Work experience

  1. I have just come across this blog and the entries are great; the photos couldn’t be more amazing. So it’s bad that you’re not updating this as much as you should. Anyway if there’s a need for you to do image resize and do image compression, you might need a good photo resizer. Thanks for this entry. I will follow more of your blogs.

  2. I like it Sean. One thing that you may want to try to see if it helps the image is to slightly blur the background as the writing in the top left hand corner and behind the plance is a bit distracting unless you are doing a promo shot and want the name to appear sharp. Other than that a nice shot.


  3. Hey Stacky , your being spammed.

    That resizing post is all crap they are popping up everywhere. Make sure you have the spam filter checked and don’t open it.

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