I discovered HDR

blackboy-sunset1Ahhhh. A monday off due to strange work experience organizations. A good chance to catch up on some new techniques i wanted to try. Heres my first attempt at a HDR using photomatix on a sunset i shot locally a while ago. A 3km walk through thick scrub to this stupidly strange rock we found on a local hill. Unfortunately i forgot a torch so we had to walk around in the dark to find our way back.

I think i might have over-brightened the sky… i didnt add sat or anything though. The sunset was pretty awesome itself.

For work experience i got a place at jandakot helicopters, so im sure ill get some good shots of chopppers doin’ all sortsa stuff. Its gonna be a good week!


7 thoughts on “I discovered HDR

  1. Yeah, i’m with Fletch here. Never really been a fan of HDR. What does this shot look like edited from a single frame sans HDR? Would be interested to see the difference!

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