I need a site

Well after i saw dylans newly launched website i thought it was time i started looking into one. I have had quite a bit of interest on local shots around the hills and referring people to a blog just wont work.

So. I believe a couple o’ you people are web designers…. can you give a bit of an overview on what i have to do and who to get it done with (cause ill need a designer sometime). Im not in need of anything too fancy (only a referral to some of my best shots, pricing and an order form) and the cheapest way is best for me. 

Cheers People.


7 thoughts on “I need a site

  1. mmm beau i might send an email soon… although i like the clikpic thing. I do want a well designed site though and Dylans was really awesome. Ill get back to you on that one.
    Bryan ill have a look at your site as well.
    Richard cheers for that, looking at it now

  2. Stacky …you should have iweb on your mac. Why don’t you try that it’s dead easy to make up a reasonable web site that would get you started for free, you will have to register your domain name then your away. Have a look at it and make up something then if you like it put it up, you can always change it at anytime.

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